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Choice Farms of Nigeria is a modern poultry and vegetable farm with impeccable food standards and nature-right philosophy. Our products are carefully developed and bred to international specifications by experts, ensuring consumers of affordable products with premium quality.

Choice farms has evolved into an Agricultural solutions expert  providing  services to others in our agricultural community.

Choice Farms was established in May 2005 with a vision of providing consumers premium quality agricultural products at affordable prices while endearing profits to its stakeholders. Our initial major investment was placed on poultry, whereby a goal was met in 3 years – Nigerians recognise the brand “Choice Chickens” when they talk about chickens, eggs and chicks. Our poultry farming was installed with emphasis placed on modernity and strict farm bio-security.

In 2013, Choice Farms Nigeria acquired a new site in Erikorodu purely for the expansion of our Fruit and Vegetable line. Automation is a policy from the gate entrance to the different sections of the farm. Hence, alliances with major international poultry equipment companies have been forged to ensure better results in performances and product quality. To name a few:

  • Food Security
  • Hatchery – Paz Reform Smart Units
  • Feeding Systems – Roxell and Vdl Agrotech
  • Layer Egg House – Techno Equipment
  • Hydroponics – Choice Farms has exclusive distribution rights for Amhydro products for Sub-Sahara Africa.